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Get back up to CZK 9,000
from your accommodation costs


accommodated nights

up to 50 %

off the price of accommodation

max CZK 300

per person per night

TEMPORARY TERMINATION OF THE PROGRAM – In connection with a government mearure restricting possibility of accommodation in collective accommodation facilities, the program to support is suspended until it will be possible to complete stays in all categories af accomodation facelities. However, i tis possible to submit a request for a gift for accommodation to the program, which has the date of commencement of the stay from 1 October 2020 to 17 November 2020 inclusive.

Basic Information

About the Accommodation Contribution

Please note that the receipt of applications has been closed due to the exhaustion of the allocated amount.

As part of the support of tourism, the Karlovy Vary Region will contribute to domestic and foreign visitors for stays in all types of accommodation facilities in the region. An amount of CZK 3 million is set aside to support accommodation for the period from 1 June 2021 to 30 June 2021 and from 1 September 2021 to 30 November 2021.

Save money and enjoy a trip to the beautiful nature of the Karlovy Vary Region, book a hotel stay or set out for a weekend getaway.

What are the conditions for the contribution?

All you need to do is to stay at any hotel, guesthouse, or other accommodation facility in the Karlovy Vary Region for a minimum of three (3) and maximum of six (6) nights. After your stay, request a refund of 50 percent of the billed expenses for accommodation for each individual and night, up to a maximum of CZK 300 for one person and night. The contribution applies to groups of up to five (5) people, so that e.g. families with children can also take advantage of the offer. Therefore, one can apply for up to CZK 9,000. Those interested can also submit applications for more than one stay, but at the maximum of one stay per month.

Who can apply for the contribution?

All citizens of the European Union who present an invoice or payment receipt for accommodation can apply for the contribution.

You can apply for the contribution from the Karlovy Vary Region only after your stay has ended. Applications sent prior to the end of the stay will not be assessed.

Three steps to the contribution

How to apply?

The submission of applications for accommodation contributions in the Karlovy Vary Region is simply, rapid, and intuitive. It takes only three steps that take only several minutes of your time.


Time needed: 2 minutes

Go to the GINIS portal, select New Registration, and register. Fill in the personal data in the registration according to the data in the identity card.

On-line Application

5 minutes

After successfully logging in to the system, complete the electronic form. The grant agreement, which is part of the electronic application form, is automatically pre-filled.


10 minutes

After sending the electronic application form, print everything out and sign the gift agreement. Add the required attachments and send everything to the address listed in the contacts below.


the Karlovy Vary Region

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Do you need

more information?

Download information about the call with all the details, or do not hesitate to turn to us at any of the contacts below.

Documents for downloading


Ms Monika Slipková
tel.: 354 222 319, 739 604 884

Ms Jana Stránská
tel.: 354 222 196, 736 650 014

Ms Sabina Pudilová
tel.: 354 222 308, 601 690 051